Increase Profit Through G Suite

Collaboration between coworkers and clients is extremely important. However, collaboration can be a challenging task. People need to be able to communicate in varying ways depending on the situation. They need to be able to create and share documents easily. Most importantly, all of this needs to be done on a secure platform. This is where G Suite comes in.

G Suite offers several different solutions for communication such as phone(google voice), email(gmail), and video conferencing(hangouts). Each solution has powerful features to empower companies. For example, Google Voice allows a company to have 1 phone number that can be routed to several different devices. Gmail can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a web browser or any web client. Hangouts can allow up to 25 people to attend a HD video conference without any software or hardware required. Please visit one of the links below for a more complete list of features:
Google Voice
Google Hangouts

Google Docs is a powerful tool with tons of features. Unfortunately, there is no fun filled action packed way to describe them. Instead, I will list a few cool features below. Stay tuned for a future blog that will explain when and how to use all the features of Google Docs.

  • Documents can be modified by multiple people at the same time
  • All modifications can be seen in real time
  • All modifications are logged for auditing
  • Documents can be easily reverted
  • Access to documents can be changed as required
  • Documents can be shared with people outside of the company

Finally, companies can rest easy when it comes to security. As one of the largest companies in the world. Google invests millions if not billions of dollars into everything required for a secure platform. As a result there are several large companies that trust Google with their sensitive documents such as National Geographic and Motorola. Google also makes it easy for companies to control who has access to what. For example, a document can be shared with external users, but their access can be restricted to ready only. Another example is that when an employee leaves the company all of their access can be revoked.

Clearly, G Suite has a lot of tools for making collaboration easy and obtainable. I have migrated several businesses to the G Suite, and all of them have been happy with it. If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to comment below. If there is enough interest in a particular question then I will make sure to cover it in a future blog!

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