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At General Real Estate Academy (GREA), we believe that proper real estate education is essential to ensure that social, legal, and economical standards are upheld. To ensure these standards are upheld we provide real estate education for all experiences through blogs, forums, mentorship, and online courses. Our staff tirelessly work to keep content up-to-date so that our students can always stay ahead of the curve.

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Registering for an account opens up several features. Registered accounts can connect with other members, post on the forums, comment on blogs, and register for courses. Best of all is that the account is FREE!
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Free Real Estate Basics Course
The real estate basics course is designed to create a foundation of information to build on. There is information for people of all experience levels so we HIGHLY suggest starting here before moving on to advanced courses.
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Bill has been in the business of real estate for over 45 years. He pulls on his knowledge and experience to provide informative blogs on various real estate strategies and issues. Stay ahead of the curve with Bill’s blogs.
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Latest Blogs

Wholesaling As A Business Part 1

Most wholesalers or those wanting to get into wholesaling may be new in business, not just the real estate business but business in general. Significant mistakes are made when someone jumps into business without knowing some basic business requirements. When an individual transacts business transactions they may end up being identified legally as “Being in …

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